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Mediterranean styled casual dinnerware and ceramic pottery.

Hello and welcome to the ceramic world of Romero Lerma. Casual dinnerware and ceramic pottery that are the result of ancient traditions together with brush strokes that reflect the intense brightness and colours of the Mediterranean.

A wide range of casual dinnerware and ceramic pottery articles for wholesalers and retailers.

20 beautiful designs and more than 200 shapes!

In this B2B site you find a complete ceramic pottery catalogue for your customers, that includes:

Casual dinnerware Beer mugs
Square dinnerware Cup and saucers
Triangle dinnerware Coffee sets
Trays Breakfast sets
Salad bowls Kitchenware accesories
Breakfast bowls Ashtrays
Pasta bowls Candlesticks
Jars Vases
Jugs Lamps
Decorative plates Flower pots
Coffee mugs Bathroom accesories

Getting to know us!

Ceramic manufacturers since 1907, the company is based in Manises, Valencia, Spain. You are invited to learn more about the company history, the manufacturing process and the interesting history of ceramics of Manises. Click onto the location map and find out exactly where we are.

Other services we offer!

As ceramic pottery manufacturers we can supply top quality personalized pottery and wholesale ceramic bisque. Personalized pottery is supplied at the request of the customers involving his own design and colour decoration. The wholesale ceramic bisque items are supplied plain and facilitates the customer the opportunity to complete the article as he wishes.

Ceramic pottery catalogue 2005 available now!!!

Register now as a client and download the ceramic pottery catalogue 2005 with all the shapes and sizes and, at the same time, you will have free access to exclusive information in respect of new products, a monthly special offer together with the complete shapes catalogue and all the information required to place an order.

monthly special offer
40% discount

May's special offer!!!
Discount of 40% on discontinued patterns.

Visit the Monthly special offer section to see in detail. (only registered clients)

hand painted ceramics
We manufacture all our casual dinnerware and ceramic pottery articles at the factory based in Manises, Spain.
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